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Privacy Policy

Hometown pharmacy takes full consideration of the privacy of all their customers. These are the principles that are followed by Hometown pharmacy while retailing any product:

  • There is no requirement of your personal information such as gender, monthly income, or anything of that sort while you shop from Hometown pharmacy, unless if there is an emergency.
  • Hometown pharmacy does not share any of the customer details with anyone else.
  • We delete every customer’s information once the operation of the service has been solved. We do not store any personal information in our database.
  • The queries of the customers which are being solved by our customer services are not shared with anyone.
  • The information provided for the products is simple and easily understandable by the customers.

We promise you about the contents which are available under website is an original one and is completely authentic. By using our website you agree with the privacy policies that are followed by us.

Data that we restore

The data which we ask from you are: Personally recognizable information which includes:

  • First name along with your Last name
  • Email address(required)
  • Telephone number of the customer
  • Caller ID Information of the customer(if convenient)

Our website also may gather some of the non-recognizable information from their customers along with the recognizable information. Some of the non-recognizable information which we may ask for includes:

  • Cookies
  • ZIP Code

“Cookies” are basically short computer codes. These cookies help provides us some non-recognizable information such as:

  • Date and time of visiting our website
  • Browsing type and operating system of the customers.
  • Links that brought you to our website
  • Referring web page is noticed
  • Also the online privacy act disclosures

A cookie is being provided by our service providers on the browser of the visitors on our website. This process is done to retail the services that are provided to you once you leave our website. Our website prevents the override of the privacy settings in your browser. The information which is being collected at the time of purchase of products from our website are done to personalize your experience and by that, we improve our services and also to provide compatible advertising to new users and also prepare for many other marketing purposes which are beneficial for our website.